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Check Out the Marvelous (and Free) Work of Ecce Films!

Ecce Films has a wonderful knack for making videos that faithfully incorporate a very devout Catholicism expressed with tremendous artistic skill and subtlety. As a result, the work is beautiful and engaging to the culture in general, which makes it a great tool for evangelization. The founders, Sean Schiavolin and David Kang, are very faithful Catholics who combine their faith with tremendous insight, creativity and skill to portray key aspects of the Faith in a way that the culture won't immediately reject them.

The most well-known project from Ecce Films is the Humanum series that explores the complementarity of man and woman throughout many peoples and cultures of the earth. Another well-known project is the short animated video, Economics of Sex, which looks at how sex and the sexes have been devalued greatly in the past few decades. Both of these are well worth your time. And both can be viewed for free, along with Ecce's other projects, at the link below.

And here is a link to an interview that Word on Fire did with the founders that gives much more information about who they are and where they're coming from.

Enjoy and God bless!

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