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Praying for the Deceased in November

Hello everyone and Happy All Saints Day! As you may be aware, November is traditionally a month where we Catholics pray in a special way for our beloved dead. And the Church gives us an amazing opportunity at the beginning of each November to free souls from Purgatory and send them into Heaven with the angels and the communion of saints! This is done through a plenary indulgence.

Normally what you would be required to do is visit a graveyard daily from Nov. 1-8 and pray for the dead. And of course you would need to also fulfill the requirements for all plenary indulgences, namely receiving the Eucharist, going to Confession and praying for the Pope's intentions within 20 days of making the graveyard visits.

*Additionally, regarding Confession, you must let go of your attachments to sin. Basically what this means is that you must intend to never commit any sins again, even those that are recurring in your life. If you plan on going back out and committing sin, then the Sacrament doesn't work.

However, since we are still in the midst of the covid pandemic, the Pope has made it even easier. So now, in addition to receiving the Eucharist, going to Confession and praying for the Pope's intentions, you just need to go to a graveyard once during November and pray for the dead. For those who are homebound and unable to go to a graveyard, you can mentally visit a graveyard and fulfill this requirement.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to help out the faithful departed so please take advantage! You can call the parish office to make arrangements for receiving the Eucharist and for Confession. 406 338-5775.

Also in November, we normally have our Book of Remembrance where parishioners write in the names of their loved ones to be remembered at our daily and Sunday Masses as we pray that they will make it to Heaven. But since we aren't celebrating together in the church now, we'll have to improvise. So you can submit your names either by email to or by US mail to the parish office (PO Box 529 in Browning) or by calling the parish office.

And, as always, feel free to call the parish office with questions. God bless!

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