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Community Outreach


Step 1

Men's typically held last weekend in May or first weekend in June

Women's two weeks after men's

Co-ed Search

For juniors and seniors in high school; held on the weekend in between men's and women's Step 1 cursillos


*Coordinator is Lisa Long Time Sleeping

Step 2

Men's and Women's held on the first and second weekends of November


Co-ed Pilgrimages

One held in Feb and one in March of each year

*Coordinator is Jolene Weatherwax

De La Salle Blackfeet School

Although not a parish school, both parish and school are tightly linked.  However, the school has its own website: so most information about the school can be found there.  

High School Youth Group

Weekly youth group meetings each week

Annual CYC Convention in Helena plus diocesan and regional events

*Coordinator is Martha Padgett

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