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Another Great Conference This Weekend!

Friends, there is yet another excellent and free virtual conference this weekend! And this one is specifically for all of you love birds out there (and also for people in between relationships along with those of us who minister to those who are seeking or experiencing romantic relationships).

The Catholic LoveLife Conference will run from 10am tomorrow (5/22) through 10pm Sunday (5/24) and features a huge number of very well known and respected Catholic experts. Many of them have presented at earlier conferences on different topics. The conference is put on by the Chastity Project, which is an amazing organization founded by Jason and Chyrstalina Evert, who are perhaps the world's foremost experts on chastity. So this is a very exciting opportunity with a great deal to offer you. Also, the conference will feature all pre-recorded talks, so you can go at your own pace and watch whatever you want whenever you want. So check it out and get registered! And, of course, God bless!

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