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Blackfeet Rosary for Fr. Ed

Hi all! As many of you know, Toni Running Fisher has worked hard to pull together a beautiful and moving Rosary for Fr. Ed in light of his recent health problems. Well here is the finished product for those who haven't already seen it through other channels. This Rosary features different people from our community for each prayer, so it really is a wonderful, community wide tribute to our beloved pastor, who truly appreciates the immense number of prayers offered up thus far and asks us to keep praying. He really can feel the difference and has said many times that these prayers are the primary key to his healing. When presented with this Rosary earlier today he was moved to tears and pretty much speechless. Thank you so very much to Toni and all the contributors who have made this possible! Keep up the great work and hopefully Fr. Ed will be back in action in no time! God bless you all!!

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