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New Annual Catholic Appeal- Witness to Hope

Hello friends! By now many of you have heard about the new Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) for the Diocese of Helena that just kicked off last Sunday. The theme for this campaign is Witness to Hope, which is inspired by Pope Francis' own witness by himself in the middle of an empty St. Peter's Square in the rain as a response to the covid pandemic. What an amazing event that was! Sadly though, our world is still shrouded in difficulties and darkness in many respects, so we are reminded to always maintain hope in our Lord. Click on the image below to see Bishop Vetter's short video that explains the ACA in some detail.

Since kickoff was last Sunday, then we have now arrived at Pledge Sunday, where we ask you to make your commitments to the Diocese. Clearly things will be a bit different this year since we aren't physically together at Mass. Those of you who have contributed in the past should have received ACA packets from the Diocese by now. If so, please use them and mail your pledge back to the Diocese. If you haven't received a packet, feel free to call the parish office and get one. Or you can also do this all electronically on the Diocese's website. This parish has an outstanding reputation for generosity with the ACA throughout the Diocese. Thank you for being great leaders and models for the Diocese! We're hoping that this trend will continue, even though we are in tough and strange times. Please do take this to prayer and invite the Lord to help guide your decision making.

Below are some resources to help in this process. They are also helpful in simply providing more information about the ACA in general.

Bishop Vetter has also begun releasing 6 shorter "spotlight" videos each Friday, and each one will focus on a different aspect of the ACA. The first was released yesterday and highlights our seminarians. You can find these videos at the link below and look for the Annual Catholic Appeal section:

Also, if you click on this link, you'll be able to see how all of the ACA funds will be allocated:

And last, but not least, here is Bishop Vetter's letter for the ACA that Fr. Ed and I shared with you at Mass last weekend.

As always, don't hesitate to call the parish office with any questions: 406 338-5775.

Once again, thank you very much, and God bless!

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