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The Chosen- a great free video series about Christ

I wanted to make you aware of the first original series about Jesus Christ, called the Chosen, which explores what life may have been like outside the Gospels. It is highly acclaimed by many Catholics, including Scott Hahn, and it features a devout Catholic, Jonathan Roumie, in the star role playing Christ. I've included the link below for the YouTube channel where you can watch Season 1 for free. You can also check it out free on phones and other devices by downloading The Chosen app. I've also included a link to an interview with Johathan Roumie where you can learn about his background and great conversion story as well as his insights into how he approaches this role. This is exciting stuff and a great way to walk the path of evangelization, as mentioned in the previous blog post. So check it out, enjoy it and share it with others. And, of course, God bless! (also watch free on The Chosen app for phones and devices)

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