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Welcome to the blog!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the blog for Little Flower Parish! As we seek to improve our

humble new website, this is an exciting development! The blog will serve as a source for news regarding our parish and the Church more generally, and also for opportunities to grow in the Faith. There are a range of other possibilities for the blog as well and we can take a look at them as things evolve. For now though, the primary goal is to complement our Facebook and Twitter accounts, especially for those who don't have Facebook or Twitter. So stay tuned for more posts. Also, feel free to sign up for the blog (see upper right corner of the blog page) and then you'll be able to leave comments as well. Also consider checking us out on Facebook (@littleflowerblackfeet) and giving us a Like and Following us on Twitter (@lfpblackfeet). God bless!

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