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Word on Fire is killing it!

Friends, if you haven't checked out Word on Fire yet, I strongly encourage you to do so soon! And if you have checked them out and like what you see, don't be shy, tell people about it!

Bishop Barron (the founder) and his team are doing so much outstanding work, and the work is paying off. They intentionally use the beauty of Catholicism as the starting point to draw people in and then get into truth, morals, etc. at the appropriate times. As a result, many, many Catholics are being drawn back to the Faith and many non-Catholics (including atheists) are drawing closer to the Faith with many becoming Catholics too. I benefited greatly from Word on Fire once I discovered them during my first year in seminary. And I've increasingly been drawn deeper into the various offerings of Word on Fire ever since. And the offerings have increased dramatically, especially in the past two years or so.

Here is a brief overview of the key things that Word on Fire offers, or at least my favorites :) Bishop Barron has great short videos (usually 10 min or less) on almost any topic you can think of regarding the Faith. Many of these videos directly engage the difficult issues of our time. He also publishes an audio homily for every Sunday well in advance (usually on Wednesday) to help listeners prepare for Sunday Mass (or even just to delve deeper into the Word). Word on Fire offers a live stream of Mass every day too during the pandemic and many hundreds of thousands tune in from around the world. Every Monday a new episode of the Word on Fire Show is published (usually 30 min or so) and in these shows Brandon Vogt dialogues with Bishop Barron on various topics. You can peruse the topics as well and go back and listen to older podcasts that may interest you (this week's episode is #233, so there is plenty to sample from). Word on Fire has recently started up the Word on Fire Institute that offers classes and other resources to form people as evangelists. I joined during Lent and have benefited greatly. With a membership at the Institute, you also get access to all of the Word on Fire video publications (i.e. Catholicism series) and they send you a quarterly journal in print that is simply outstanding. The Institute also offers their biweekly podcast, the Evangelization and Culture Show, for free on YouTube and I highly recommend it as well (usually 45 min or so per show). In these shows they engage various different aspects of the culture and relate them to the Faith. The Word on Fire website has a wonderful blog that boasts a variety of excellent contributors. And the last item I will mention for now is the Word on Fire Bible, which is called a "cathedral in print." The first volume of this Bible (The Gospels) will be available to the public for purchase on June 15th and I'll definitely be picking one up. If you want a sneak peak, check out Word on Fire on Twitter.

All of these items and more are available to help you grow in the Faith so you can then help others grow similarly by sharing the goods. And all of these items and more can be found at the link below for the Word on Fire website. Enjoy and God bless!

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